Our mission

Are you looking to give your home a spring clean and declutter in Auckland? At Clutter Collect, we save you time by collecting your household clutter, and save you worry by redistributing it responsibly within the community.

Who is Clutter Collect?

Clutter Collect is a quick and easy declutter service in Auckland, supplying our famous Clutter Boxes to help local families organise their living space.

Simply order a Clutter Box, fill it with your unwanted items, and our team will collect it, allowing you to declutter with ease and convenience.

Our mission is to simplify the decluttering process and help you reclaim your space, one box at a time.

Join the Clutter Collect community and experience the joy of living in a clutter-free oasis!

How Does Clutter Collect Work?

Clutter Collect simplifies the home decluttering journey by providing you with the necessary tools and logistics to efficiently clear out your unwanted items.

  • Receive an empty Clutter Box on your chosen delivery date.
  • You'll have 28 days to fill the Clutter Box with your unwanted items.
  • On your pick-up date, leave your Clutter Box outside for collection.
  • If you need to order another Clutter Box, no worries! We'll swap your full Box for an empty one, so you can continue the house-decluttering process for another 28 days.
  • With our streamlined process, you can enjoy a clutter-free space without the hassle.

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    Choose your Clutter Box

    Clutter Collect provides convenient and secure Clutter Boxes in 2 convenient sizes, 45-litre and 72-litre boxes. Simply select the box that suits your needs and place your order online now. 

    Meet our Partner Charities

    Clutter Collect proudly collaborates with partner charities in Auckland to maximise the impact of our mission.

    Our partner charities, including Everlasting, Fix Up Look Sharp, and Habitat for Humanity, work tirelessly to empower women, provide fresh perspectives for individuals, and build strength and stability through shelter. 

    By donating to these charities through Clutter Collect and our house declutter service, you contribute to meaningful causes and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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    Order Your Clutter Box Today!

    Ready to transform your space into a clutter-free oasis? Don't wait any longer! Place your order online now and declutter in Auckland in just days.

    Clutter Collect makes it easy to begin your home decluttering journey. Say goodbye to unwanted items and hello to a more organised and peaceful living space. You also can learn how to declutter your house with us !

    Take the first step towards a clutter-free life by ordering your Clutter Box today!