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General questions

Before you sign up

Is my suburb serviced by Clutter Collect? 

Please check the Clutter Collect service area here before you order

Can I order more than one Clutter Box? 

Yes, you sure can. If you have a lot of stuff that you want to get rid of, ordering more than one Clutter Box is a great way to speed up decluttering your home. 

Do you collect from businesses?

Clutter Boxes must be left outside your premises on your collection day. If there is somewhere outside your business where you can safely leave your Clutter Box, then we will happily collect your business clutter. 

Can I gift a Clutter Box? 

What a lovely idea... of course you can! Because we need the recipient's name, physical address, email address and mobile number in order to deliver the Clutter Boxes, we do recommend letting the giftee know as soon as possible so we don't ruin the surprise.

Can I drop my unwanted stuff to your HQ? 

We do not accept drop offs. 

What about furniture and oversized items? 

If it doesn't fit in the Clutter Box, we can't collect it unfortunately. Our vehicles and collection team are not equipped to handle items larger than one person can carry. 

I live in an apartment - can I order a Clutter Box? 

Unfortunately we are unable to service customers living in apartment buildings. 

Why wouldn't I just take stuff to a charity shop for free? 

You absolutely can! Clutter Boxes are ideal for people who don't have the time or mobility to drop things off to the charity shops. Also for those who do have the time and mobility, but never seem to remember to get that box out of the boot of the car when they're near an op-shop! 

After you've signed up

What can go in the box? 

Plenty of items can go into the Clutter Box - too many to list!

Here are some suggestions of what can go in the box, and the full list of items that cannot be accepted. 

Can I skip a delivery? 

Yes you can - please email beks@cluttercollect.co.nz to skip a delivery for one month. We require 48 hours notice if you want to skip a delivery as this is currently a manual process. We hope to automate this in the future. 

What if I forget to leave my Clutter Box outside on collection day? 

Please email beks@cluttercollect.co.nz as soon as possible. We will do our best to arrange an alternative date for collection; however, please be aware that as per our Terms and Conditions, forgotten collections will still be charged. 

Can I order another Clutter Box? 

Yes! We have heaps of repeat customers. We even send you a reminder the week your Clutter Box is scheduled for pick up, and ask you then if you'd like to order again.

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