Customer information

Thanks for being a Clutter Collect customer, we're grateful to have you on board! This page is just for you, to make your experience with us as simple as possible. 

Collection dates and reminders

You will have received a postcard when your Clutter Box was delivered that noted your scheduled pick-up date. You'll receive an email reminder 7 days before your pick-up date, and text reminders 3 days and 1 day before. 

Why all the reminders? We know that decluttering can slip down the priority list, and it is much better if we know you're not ready before we get to your doorstep.

You can email us to check your pick-up date at any time, on

Clutter Collect customers receive a helpful postcard when their Clutter Box is delivered. The photo shows an example of the postcard sitting on the edge of a table.


I'm not ready for pick-up. What do I do?

You can extend your Clutter Box pick-up by one week, free of charge. If you need longer, we can give you 50% off an additional month to fill your Clutter Box. Please email if you'd like to extend your pick-up.

What you can put in your Clutter Box

We can accept:

We cannot accept:

✅ Toys ❌ Medical waste
✅ Books ❌ Animal or human waste
✅ Clothes ❌ Garden waste
✅ Shoes ❌ Construction waste
✅ Small appliances (if they fit in the box)
❌ Food
✅ Board games
❌ Paint
✅ Puzzles
❌ Chemicals
✅ Fabric and yarn
❌ Broken items
✅ Sports gear
❌ Opened toiletries
✅ CDs / DVDs / Vinyl
❌ Oversized items
✅ Bed linen
✅ Towels