Hello locals! Introducing Clutter Collect

We were in your area recently delivering a Clutter Box and thought you might be interested in learning about our simple solution to household clutter. We offer easy, feel-good decluttering to homes around Auckland and are so thrilled you want to learn more. 

How to declutter your house with Clutter Collect

Simple solution to Household Clutter - Step 1 Receive an empty Clutter Box on your chosen delivery date. 
Simple solution to Household Clutter - Step 2
You'll have 28 days to fill your Clutter Box with unwanted items.
Simple solution to Household Clutter - Step 3
On your pick-up date, leave your Clutter Box outside for collection.
Simple solution to Household Clutter - Step 4 If you need to order another Clutter Box, no worries! We can swap the empty Box for a full one, so you can continue the decluttering process for another 28 days.
Simple solution to Household Clutter - Step 5

We bring everything back to Clutter HQ, where we sort and sanitise everything before redistributing into the community through our amazing Partner Charities


Partner Charities

Not only do we work closely with our Partner Charities to make sure we are supplying them with awesome goods that help them support their communities, we also give them a cash donation of $10 from every single Clutter Box order we receive. Cool for them, right? It's cool for you too, because all of our Partner Charities have a unique discount code that will give a $10 discount to all of our customers. You can find more about our Partner Charities (and choose a discount code!) here.

About that sneaky discount we promised

We've already loaded an exclusive $5 discount to all of our Clutter Collect options below, but if you want an extra $10 off, don't forget to use one of our Partner Charity discounts.

Now... if you're ready to get started on some easy, feel-good decluttering, it's time to choose your Clutter Box!