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If you're on this secret-squirrel page on our website, it means you are a current or past Clutter Collect customer, or that one of our customers has shared this page with you so you can receive a discount off your order. That's cool with us - we told them it was ok to spread the love 🫶🏽

We built this page so we could thank you directly for your ongoing support, and perhaps get to know you a little bit better. 

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Hopefully we've already connected on social media, but if not, we'd love it if you'd join us on the socials and leave us a comment every now and then. We love hearing from customers so please don't be shy about saying hello.

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Customer survey results

For the first 8 months of operating, we sent our customers an email survey after we'd collected their Clutter Box to see how we were doing. We no longer send the survey as we ask customers to leave a review on Google instead, but the survey is still active if you'd like to complete it. It only takes a couple of minutes and is a fun way to see what is most important to our customers.

On a scale of 1-5, how satisfied are you with Clutter Collect? 

Clutter Collect customer satisfaction survey results

100% of respondents chose 5 (extremely satisfied).*

How likely are you to recommend Clutter Collect to a friend? 

Clutter Collect customer recommendation survey results

100% of respondents chose 5 (extremely likely).*

 What is the MOST important benefit of Clutter Collect to you?

Clutter Collect most important benefit to customer survey results

We asked our customers this question purely out of curiosity because to us (humble brag incoming) there are so many benefits to Clutter Collect. For now, Convenience is the front runner.*

*Figures accurate as at June 2023.

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About that sneaky discount we promised

Fam, we're so grateful for your support. If you're on this page, you obviously like the service we offer and are possibly keen to order another Clutter Box. We want to make sure our repeat customers feel the love, so we've already loaded an exclusive $5 loyalty discount to all of our Clutter Collect options below. Don't forget to use one of our Partner Charity discounts to receive another $10 off your order. 

Now... if you're keen to get on with more easy, feel-good decluttering, it's time to choose your Clutter Box!