Early Black Friday discounts

Early Black Friday discounts

Black Friday is a tricky concept for me. Like anyone, I love a bargain, however I struggle with the encouragement from retailers to get out there and spend-spend-spend on stuff we don't really need and possibly won't use. I see evidence every single day in my line of work that there is more than enough stuff already out there in the world, looking for a new home without much (if any) money exchanging hands. Full disclosure - I suspect I'll see Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases in the Clutter Boxes that I'm picking up next week, so my business could be catching the long tail of 2021's discount hunters!

On the other hand, I know that times are tough right now and many families are keen to snap up bargains that will ease the financial pressure a bit. Also, while I tend to think of the big name retailers when I think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I know of many small businesses who are relying on the expected spike in sales to recover from what has been an incredibly tough 2 years. Business owners also have mortgages to pay and families to feed, so in 2022 I'm doing my best to make conscious buying decisions this year, like: 

  • Buying predominantly from small businesses here in New Zealand. 
  • Purchasing from large retailers only items that are on my wish list for Christmas shopping, or myself. No trawling the websites looking for something to catch my eye - I'm going in with purpose, and if I don't find what I *need*, I'm outta there! 
  • Having a good look in my own house to see what I can declutter and pass on for someone else to enjoy. 

In support that last point, I've decided to offer an early Black Friday discount of 10% off any order, for this weekend only.

Use the code BLACKFRIDAY at the checkout to grab discounts as follows:

 Product One-time-purchase 2 month subscription 3 month subscription
45-litre Clutter Box



Save $8



Save $15



Save $21

72-litre Clutter Box



Save $10



Save $19



Save $27

One month bulk rental
(6 boxes)



Save $30



One month bulk rental (12 boxes)



Save $50




The discount expires at 11.59pm on Sunday 20th November 2022. You'll need to use the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to receive the discount. 

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