Gumboot Friday discounts and donations

Gumboot Friday is a fantastic cause, and like many, this week I've been touched by Mike King's vulnerable appearance on The Rock's Morning Rumble show. Mike lamented the state of mental health support in this country, and urged people to stop waiting for someone else to fix the problem, to get involved now and do something. So I'm going to try and help. 

This weekend, $20 from every Clutter Box order will go to Gumboot Friday. AND I'm giving you $20 off your order. 20 bucks back into your pocket, and 20 bucks for a damn good cause. Here's a summary of how it works:

  • Order any Clutter Collect product between Friday 4 November and 11.59pm on Sunday 6 November 2022, and a $20 discount will automatically be added at checkout. 
  • The $20 discount is available across all products - 45-litre Clutter Boxes, 72-Litre Clutter Boxes, and Bulk Box Rentals. 
  • All Clutter Boxes ordered this weekend will be delivered between 22-25 November. You can check the delivery schedule here.
  • If you aren't in Auckland and would like to support my fundraising effort, you'll see a Gumboot Friday $20 donation option in my product catalogue. The full $20 will go to Gumboot Friday (I'll cover the administrative fees). 
  • If you are an existing Clutter Collect customer and want to get involved, add a matching pair of gumboots to your November Clutter Box. I'll donate $5 to Gumboot Friday for every matching pair of gumboots collected in November (donation will be made at the beginning of December). 

I'll be making the donation on Monday and will post a photo of the receipt on this blog post, as well as on my Instagram page

You can also text "Boots" to 469 to make an automatic $3 donation. I've done that to the tune of $15; nice and easy. 

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