The first Clutter Collect delivery week is here

I'm so excited to be on delivery duty for Clutter Collect next week - to be honest it blows my mind that this whole idea has snowballed so quickly. Even though I had the Version 1.0 idea a few years ago, I didn't make the decision to go for it until July 2022. I sourced the Clutter Boxes, built the website, started up social media accounts and started sharing with my networks, all within a few weeks. Fast forward a couple more weeks to today; as I type this blog post, I'm sitting in the warehouse I've leased, surrounded by stuff that I've collected from my decluttering clients in recent weeks and pinching myself at how quickly my business has evolved. Surreal, and awesome! 

Next week, I'll be jumping in the van and personally delivering Clutter Boxes to my customers. There are one-off customers, subscription customers and Bulk Rental customers - lots of lovely people who have awesome stuff they no longer want, and a desire to see that stuff go to those in our community who need, want and will use it. 

There is still time to order but you'll need to do it by the end of Sunday 25th September to guarantee delivery in the final week of September. 

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