Is it a business, or a charity?

Is it a business, or a charity?

One of the common misconceptions about Clutter Collect is that it is a charity - and as such, the service is free. It isn’t - there are plenty of free options out there, for example:

  • many charities offer free collection of furniture items
  • listing on local community groups
  • passing on through friends and family
  • dropping off at op-shops

So in a circular economy where paying it forward doesn’t always come with a price tag, where does Clutter Collect fit? How are we able to charge, when free options are easily accessible to many in the community?

Our customer profile
Most of our customers are middle-high income households, their most precious resource being TIME. They have big hearts and care for both people and planet. They want to pass their unwanted stuff on to where it can have an impact, but don’t want to spend their precious timing driving around to different charity shops to drop it.

Customer control
Our customers choose their delivery / pick up dates. No need to slot into someone else’s schedule to have the stuff collected - for busy people, this is worth paying for.

Excellent communication and customer service
Our automated comms tools (email and text) mean that our customers always know when to expect us. Beyond the automation, our customers can also text if they need to reschedule, and a real person will respond quickly to confirm. Our aim is to give the absolute best customer service possible (and we must be doing a good job of this as our retention is high)!

We have skin in the game
Because we’ve collected a fee for this service, there is no “ghosting” or mucking around. We show up when we say we will, and if for some reason we can’t, we will communicate that as soon as possible.

All of the passion, effort and energy that goes into the customer side of the business allows us to charge a fee - we offer a premium service that is 100% customer-centric. The fees for our Clutter Boxes also covers the time it takes to unpack the boxes and connect the unwanted items with our seven partner charities. Our customers are literally outsourcing the task of curating collections and meeting with charities to pass on their unwanted items.

Clutter Collect is a niche service, operating in the wider circular economy alongside the free decluttering options mentioned above. A thriving circular economy benefits everyone. However you choose to pass on your unwanted items, happy decluttering! 

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