Rain, hail or shine - we'll collect that clutter!

Rain, hail or shine - we'll collect that clutter!

We've still got a month of Autumn left, but already there has been a bit of wet weather to contend with. Never fear, no matter the weather*, we'll be out there on our delivery and collection days, sloshing and squelching our way to your front door to do the mahi.

I so appreciate doing pick ups on wet days and arriving to find a Clutter Box, carefully wrapped up to protect the contents from the elements. I've said it before and I'll say it again: our customers are the best. Our Clutter Boxes are shower-proof; they can withstand a bit of rain and if they're mostly undercover then nothing further is required. BUT if your pick-up point is quite exposed, then a bit of coverage is very much appreciated. I'm currently trying to source something low-cost and reusable that I can supply when I deliver Clutter Boxes during the rainy season - I'll keep you posted when I find something. 

At the end of the day, for most things that go into a Clutter Box it doesn't matter if they get a little bit wet. We make sure everything is clean and dry before it is ready to be passed on to our Partner Charities. You know what doesn't stand a chance once it's wet though? It's the stuff left outside charity shops when they are closed. Most of them are short on space, volunteers and time, and simply don't have the resources to clean and dry the stuff that people have dumped outside. You can't blame the shops for needing to bin that stuff, but it does break my heart when I see it strewn across the footpath outside my local op shop... wet, broken and no good to anyone. 

When the weather is wet and wild, better us than you battling the elements to do the right thing with your unwanted household stuff, right? Our promise is easy, feel-good decluttering - I reckon it doesn't get much easier than popping a full Clutter Box on your doorstep before snuggling up on the couch with a book and a cuppa while the rain pours down. Just give me a wave if you see me dashing past in my raincoat will you? I promise I'll wave back with a smile!

*If the weather is apocalyptic and there are recommendations to stay off the road, then obviously we will because #safetyfirst. If for any reason we cannot get to you, we'll let you know as soon as possible. 

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